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Inside our 1000 square foot play area, the dogs will run and play on a dirt free, ultra high tech safe and antimicrobial K9Grass. A completely indoor climate controlled area that neither rain nor extreme heat will keep your dogs from playing.

In order to provide the highest quality of service and to provide your dogs with a safe, healthy place to play and stay, The Ultimate Pet Lodge has selected the latest technology in artificial turf. We have covered the indoor play area with the New K9 Grass product which is the first, and only, artificial grass product developed specifically for use with dogs. It is soft on dogs’ paws and joints and the dogs love it.

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This area has been designed with an underground drainage system for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Day Camp Offers:

Dog Paw Playgroups supervised by qualified staff.

Dog Paw A varied itinerary of playtime and rest.

Dog Paw Good manners reinforced.

Dog Paw K9Grass for the play area.

Dog Paw Top health and sanitation procedures.

Benefits of Daycare:

An all- day of supervised play provides mental stimulation, socialization and exercise for your dog. An occasional trip to a day care program for your dog may mean a night or two of your dog being tired and not dropping a ball at your feet every ten seconds demanding attention. Also a trip to the Daycare can help him stay well-socialized. Socialization to a dog is like a foreign language to us-if it isn’t practiced it will be forgotten. It also is just plain fun for him to receive attention from qualified staff that reinforces good manners and daycare eliminates the loneliness of being left alone all day. For most dogs two or three visits a week will keep them physically and mentally stimulated enough that destructive behavior is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated when coupled with toys, treats and proper crate training at home.




Hours and Rates:

DROP OFF: 7am - 10am
PICK-UP : 4pm - 6pm

RATE PER DAY: $18.00
RATE PER 1/2 DAY: $12.00

How to Schedule

All play days are by appointment. We typically only need one day in advance notice! You can be a regular and have a particular day each week you come. Contact us for an appointment and evaluation by:

Email: or Call: 864.655.5884

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