Dog Boarding

The Ultimate Pet Lodge is the best place for your precious pet to stay while you are away. Our All Day supervised play will provide mental stimulation, socialization and exercise for your pet. Indoor Dog Boarding suites to relax in.

Our brand new, custom built facility offers a wonderful home away from home with only 30 individual suites built to reduce stress on your dog, solid walls to reduce the noise and features ceramic tile floors and walls to provide for a clean and safe environment. Our dedicated and trained staff will provide lots of personal attention and extra TLC (tender loving care) so they love coming here when you are off having a fun vacation or have a busy work schedule. Evening treats and soothing music at bedtime are always included in your pet’s stay. We provide 24/7 security monitoring for your pets safety. Please feel free to bring your pet’s own bed from home and any other items that you feel he or she would like to have during their stay. An assortment of beds are provided and cozy fleece blankets that are sanitized daily. We highly recommend that you bring enough of your dog’s pet food for the duration of their stay as some dogs will have adverse reactions to sudden change of diet. We do have food to provide if requested.

All pet lodge guests must:

  • have male dogs neutered.
  • be at least 16 weeks old and have all its permanent shots.
  • have current Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines, and bring proof for our files.
  • be Flea-tick free and in good health.
  • If your dog is not currently on heartworm and flea and tick prevention, a negative fecal test must be provided at time of boarding.
  • able to pass the evaluation
  • be people friendly.
  • have a temperament conducive for boarding.
  • A Typical Day

    7:00-7:30 Wake up and go for morning walk.
    7:30-8:30 Breakfast served in the suites and rest before full day of play with friends.
    9:00-12:00 Play yard time with Fellow K9’s and activities.
    12:00-2:00 Rest time for lunches and snacks in suites with individual walks.
    2:00-5:00 Second round of play in Play yard for boarders (Daycare Dogs till 6pm)
    5:00-6:00 Dinner served in suites and individual walks.
    8:00-9:00 Late night snack and last trip evening walk.
    *Dogs will enjoy at least 6 hours of play each day. If your dog is unsocial with other dogs, he will enjoy 3-4 walks with loving staff. (And alone play yard time.)

    Boarding Rates

  • $40 per night for first or single family dog.
  • $30 Per night for each additional dog in same suite
  • $35 Per night for first additional dog in separate suite
  • Boarding Extended Stay Pricing:

  • There is a 10% Discount for 9 nights or longer.
  • There is a 15% Discount for 20-night stay or longer.
  • >Complementary Basic Bath after 5 night stay.
  • Boarding Packages

    (no expiration date on packages)

  • 10 Day Single Dog Boarding Package $360
  • 10 Day Double Dog Family Boarding Package $630
  • Testimonial

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful facility with caring people. Lola stayed overnight this past weekend, as we had a last minute family event come up and when we arrived, she was super sensory overloaded (as she is many times in different areas), but for the first time ever, she had a seizure and if it weren't for the caring staff there, I think I would have just broken down and cried! Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Lola! - Jonna
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